I Have A Facebook Fan Page, Now What?


  • Are you frustrated with knowing that you need a presence on Facebook for your business and not knowing how to create one?
  • Are you afraid of  spending more time on Facebook than you already do and not enough time with your family?
  • Are you worried that if you spend money advertising with Facebook that it will be like lighting your money on fire and you’ll get nothing in return but a bad taste in your mouth?
  • Are you frustrated with not knowing how to talk to your audience in an authentic way?
This hands-on, video-based program gives you a virtual community of women business owners and content that will give you the tools for having a presence on Facebook and  an active and engaged community of ideal clients to talk to, who value your offerings.
“I have a Facebook Fan Page, Now What?” is a 5 week program full of hands on exercises and videos to help you understand both the nitty-gritty of running a page on Facebook and how to present yourself authentically so you can become crystal clear on who your ideal client is and is not.
 I have been there.  I totally felt the same way when I was asked to create a Facebook fan page last year to promote my multi-level marketing business.
  • I was so worried about taking time away from my kids and hubby, and about spending hours on Facebook.
  • I was so sure that all I would get would be crickets from anything I posted and any of my offerings, and that any money I spent from my already-tight budget would just be wasted.
  • I had already spent years in Internet Marketing and I didn’t want to feel icky and gross (like I was just baiting and switching people all the time, or luring them in with false promises)  on Facebook as well.  I know most of the advice out there doesn’t really work and I didn’t know who to turn to to find something that would work.
 I also knew that the more authentic I was on my personal page the more responses I got.
So I set out to discover how to create effective ads within my budget and organize my content to engage an audience without spending extra time in my already hectic week.
In this 5 week course I want you to get crystal clear on:
  • Your Ideal Client(s) – who they are, where they hang out and how to relate to them
  • How to manage your time on Facebook effectively so you can get what you need done and not have it suck hours out of your day or week
  • How to write and curate content easily and joyfully and actually look forward to speaking to your ideal clients regularly
  • How to run ads to increase your following and engagement and also how to use some of the highly-targeted nature of ads on Facebook to speak to your Ideal Client outside of your friends list
  • How to feel confident in running your page, and not feel lost with the technical details

Here are some examples of how this program will help you:

        • You’ll get tools and resources to help you get crystal clear on the deep why’s of what you are offering by creating your very own vision and mission statements.

        • You will create an Ideal Client Profile – even right down to the color of her hair if you want – and you will know where your clients hang out, what they like to do and how best to share your services or products with them


        • You’ll learn to create your own community.


  • You’ll learn how to manage your time on Facebook, organize the content you post and find more.
      • Along the way you will be engaging in an online community of women small business owners and learning with them.  We will look at the fears and procrastinations that often come up as we become more public.

And so much more, as we delve into deep stuff over our 5 weeks together, that you will be ready to attract your ideal client before the end of the year and create a fantastic 2016!

“Your Facebook group was amazing. I had no idea of all the possibilities within Facebook.

I ran a 5 day Facebook ad like campaign with a budget of $10/ day, $50 total investment. Creating my ad was so easy.  Again I was blown away how I could pinpoint my target audience. I received around 350 new likes! I have 5 inquiries of my offerings, 2 conversations with potential clients! Out of those 350 new likes many of them interact on my daily posts now. I was able to reach women from all over the country with an investment of $50.

Chase, your program was amazing and so simple to follow and learn. I had no idea of the possibility to grow my community on Facebook. All of this has been my best business investment thus far.”

  Nicole Fisher Draft from Vivacious Coaching

Here’s what I’ll be teaching you each week.

Week One:

      • Intro into the “why” of what you are offering
      • How to create your unique vision and mission statements  and how to make sure they speak to your soul and your ideal clients
      • Starting to figure out who your Ideal Client is and is not

Week Two:

      • You’ll determine how much time you want to spend on Facebook
      • You’ll learn how to schedule your time to get it all done and still have time for everything else
      • You’ll learn the nitty-gritty of how to schedule and post on Facebook business pages
      • You’ll receive tips on how you can schedule your own timeline as well.

Week Three:

        • You’ll learn how to dig deeper with your Ideal Client and get crystal clear on who they are
        • You’ll learn how you can use this information to create themes and curate content for your audience
        • You’ll learn how to organize your content so that it is easy to post and put together when you are ready to sit down and do it

Week Four:

        • You’ll learn how Facebook ads may or may not help you increase your engagement and followers
        • You’ll learn how to create a budget for yourself
        • You’ll learn all the technical details of setting up your ads
        • You’ll learn how to track and adjust your ads to make sure they are working for you

Week Five:

        • Where do you go from here?  Long term planning and how to keep from feeling burned out
        • Final thoughts and questions
        • And results from our five weeks together.

“I have a Facebook Fan Page, Now What?” is for you if:

      • You have a biz (new or existing) and ONLY want to work with clients you love and who love your biz
      • You don’t know how to run a Biz Page on Facebook or you have one but don’t feel like you are using it effectively
      • You are ready to take full responsibility for your business and your presence on Facebook
      • You are ready and willing to be cheered on by a group of women who have your back, support you and are sharing their journey with you AND you are ready to be there for them too.
      • You are not willing to give up on making your business a success (or take it to the next level) AND you see the value in accountability and help from a homeschooling mom of four little girls who refuses to work outside the home or take No for an answer!

“I have a Facebook Fan Page, Now What?” is NOT for you if:

      • You are unwilling to dig deep into to who you are to find out who your ideal clients are and are not
      • You are unwilling to experiment and try new things, even if it means spending some money on yourself and your biz.
      • You want someone to do the work FOR you.
      • You are unwilling to show up, dig deep and do the work.


My commitment to you:

      • Daily videos Monday – Friday where we go over ideas, concepts and the nitty-gritty details of Facebook.
      • A Private Facebook Group of committed women to support and cheer you on as well as help hold you accountable.
      • Weekends off – unless you choose to work them 🙂
      • The option of working privately with me, where we get on Skype together and I go over your page, your ad campaigns and help you find content for your group.
      • Answers to all of your questions inside our group, where everyone can learn from each other.