Fear is a tough one and one that comes up for me often. I’ve actually been working through it in conjunction with my exercise program which may sound strange, but follow me here.


Every morning I wake up and my first real task is to exercise (because in my life it needs to happen first so that it happens, your mileage may vary but for me this works) and I have been doing this for 2 years now. Every morning as I’m lying in bed dealing with a nursling my brain, comes up with a ton of excuses as to why I don’t need to work out today.
Almost every day though, I push through and I go and exercise anyway. I have various accountability things, from check lists to other like minded people I can check in with. And I do not necessarily enjoy the workouts every day (though I can usually find some part of it that I do) but I show up. I always feel almost 100 times better afterward and on especially hard days I hold on to knowing how I will feel after I’m done.
How does this relate to my business? Because my brain likes to do the same thing with my to-do list. I can write it and it can all look like small easy steps. But then I show up to work and my brain wants to find every excuse not to do those steps. And I mean EVERY excuse you can come up with I have had run through my brain.
But yet I do it. Even if some days I am only able to do one small step due to children, sickness or whatever. And I feel so much better afterward. Yes I’m scared to do some of those steps, and yes I have met just about every kind of resistance, and sometimes those resistances get me to change my course into something I feel more aligned about.
And then every so often I suddenly notice during my workouts that I have gotten stronger, that, that move has gotten easier, that I can do that thing faster. And you know what?  That works in my business as well.
But the fact is that I do it anyway. And I feel better for it, and some days I just hold on to feeling better, I just say okay I am going to do this one small step, celebrate it and then see if I can do the next one.